Real Estate And Property Awards

As the Real Estate Market booms across the USA, Europe and parts of Asia, the ever-popular Real Estate & Property Awards returns for its fourth year on AZ Homes.

Construction And Engineering Award

The ever-popular Construction & Engineering Awards, now celebrating its fourth annual year at AZ Homes, is delighted to make it major return in 2018!

Recycling & Waste Management Award

As the world’s population continues to increase, so does the amount of refuse and by-products from our daily living. Such enterprises, made it their mission to innovate sustainable solutions

Facilities Management Awards

AZ Homes pays tribute to the organisations who ensure that the buildings, offices, sites and premises, around the world, are well maintained and operating at peak efficiency.

Home And Garden Awards

If a home is a person’s castle, then our gardens are our kingdoms. With the Home and Garden Awards, AZ Homes looks to showcase the businesses that are best at it.