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“When we started our company, we just wanted to do our part to reduce greenhouse gases and particulate pollution. We had no idea that the fuel treatment blend we discovered also produces significant cost savings through more efficient fuel usage as well as engine and part protection. It was an entirely unexpected and very pleasant surprise.”

Martin Smith, Inventor

About Us

In 2002, Martin Smith and his team started a clean tech research company with the goal of finding a fuel treatment that would reduce greenhouse gases and particulate emissions. In the first four years, the FuelRx product line was developed and included formulations for land-based diesel engines, marine engines, boilers, and gasoline engines. By 2009, the team had developed fuel treatment products that would work in any application using liquid fossil fuels including emulsified coal.

After 2009, another 9 years were taken to prove the effectiveness of product through field trials, to apply for and receive ISO 9001 certification, and to secure the intellectual property rights. Real world testing was performed in a variety of operational environments. With the London office continuing to focus on research and product development, the North American office was established in 2019 to serve as the distribution arm of the company worldwide.

Our mission is to provide cost effective solutions for fossil fuel burning companies that reduce greenhouse gases, nitrous oxides, carbon monoxide, and particulate pollution. Our team is committed to saving your company money and preserving the environment.

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