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Fuel Treatment

Cleans, lubricates and improves combustion without the use of solvents or by increasing cetane levels.

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Environmental Protection

Gaseous emissions (hydrocarbon gas, NO2, CO2 and CO) are lowered by 22% helping to reduce the greenhouse effect.

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Fuel Savings

The use of carbon based fuels is reduced by at least 5 – 10% – helping to maintain fuel stocks longer.

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Maintenance Savings

Cleans before, during and after combustion – increasing equipment life, reducing labour cost and downtime.

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Features & Benefits

  • Cleans all combustion areas
  • Increases combustion by cleaning the entire fuel system including the injector nozzles and create a fractionally longer burn to sustain more complete combustion
  • Lubricates the entire fuel system
  • Cleans the injectors
  • Increases economy (5-10% fuel saving)
  • Reduces down time
  • Reduces toxic and greenhouse emissions, offering a cost effective solution to carbon build up and emission control.

We are confident that by utilizing FuelRx technology, we are able to provide the same advanced cleaning, lubrication, emission control and performance enhancing process across a broad range of applications – while providing both environmental and financial benefits to your business.